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Launched in the spring of 2013, the Shortleaf Pine Initiative (SPI) is a collaborative, strategic and energetic response to the dramatic decline of shortleaf pine forests and associated habitats that once covered a vast area from eastern Texas to Florida and up the eastern seaboard to New Jersey. Over the last 30 years more than 50% of these forested acres have been lost with the most significant declines taking place east of the Mississippi River.

While efforts to reverse these disturbing trends have been made in the past, now is the time for a more robust and concerted effort involving stakeholders across the range. At stake is an extraordinary diversity of cultural, ecological and economic values centered on wildlife and recreation, water quality and a high value wood products industry. With millions of people depending on the benefits of this imperiled ecosystem, the need to develop a range-wide conservation strategy is more compelling than ever.

The SPI represents a broad range of public and private organizations as well as key state and federal agencies currently working in the shortleaf pine ecosystem. While some restoration efforts have been underway for some time, a range-wide conservation plan for shortleaf pine was released in June 2016 to identify optimum restoration strategies, increase coordination among shortleaf proponents and maximize the effectiveness of ongoing efforts.


Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan
Executive Summary Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan Executive Summary
Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan
Introducing the Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan The Shortleaf Pine Restoration Plan marks the beginning of a new era for the species in its historic Southeastern habitat.
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