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Advisory Committee

The SPI builds on the past efforts of federal and state agencies as well as other shortleaf proponents. Here's a brief chronology of some key developments that ultimately led to the launch of SPI in the spring of 2013.
Tim Albritton Tim Albritton Natural Resources Conservation Service tim.albritton@al.usda.gov
McRee Anderson McRee Anderson The Nature Conservancy wanderson@tnc.org
Laurel Barnhill Laurel Barnhill US Fish and Wildlife Service laurel_barnhill@fws.gov
Mike Black Mike Black Shortleaf Pine Initiative shortleafpineinitiative@ gmail.com
Leslie Boby Leslie Boby Southern Regional Extension Forestry lboby@sref.info
Tim Caughran Tim Caughran Quail Forever tcaughran@ quailforever.org
Brian Chandler Brian Chandler Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies brian.chandler@tn.gov
Chris Coxen Chris Coxen National Wild Turkey Federation ccoxen@nwtf.net
Chris Erwin Chris Erwin American Forest Foundation cerwin@ forestfoundation.org
Don Hodges Don Hodges University of Tennessee dhodges2@utk.edu
Pat Keyser Pat Keyser UTIA, Center for Native Grasslands Management pkeyser@utk.edu
Kay Reed Kay Reed US Forest Service, Southern Region kay.reed@usda.gov
Jonathan Scott Jonathan Scott National Fish and Wildlife Foundation jonathan.scott@nfwf.org
Robert Sutter Robert Sutter Enduring Conservation Outcomes, LLC rsutter@ enduringconservation.com
Chris Topik Chris Topik The Nature Conservancy ctopic@tnc.org
Bob Williams Bob Williams Pine Creek Forestry bob@pinecreekforestry.com

Planning Team Members

The following individuals were instrumental through the years in building support and gathering resources that laid the foundation for the Shortleaf Pine Initiative. They worked behind the scenes organizing stakeholder meetings, gathering data relevant to shortleaf pine, and developing a base of researchers, foresters, biologists, and stakeholders that assisted in the development and eventual implementation of the shortleaf pine restoration plan.
McRee Anderson Project Manager wanderson@tnc.org
Mike Black Senior Conservationist/Wildlife-Forestry Liason shortleafpineinitiative@gmail.com
Clarence Coffey Demonstration Sites/Field Operations tallgrass1@charter.net
Lark Hayes Consultant/Reviewer lark.hayes@larkconsult.com
George Hernandez Senior Scientist ghernandez@fs.fed.us
Elizabeth Holcomb Data Development/GIS Specialist edoxon@utk.edu
Alex Wyss Media and Marketing awyss@tnc.org
Doug Zollner Plan Developer/Lead Writer dzollner@tnc.org
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