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4th Biennial Shortleaf Pine Conference: Day 3

October 3-5, 2017
Shortleaf Success Story
Chris Erwin, Alabama Shortleaf Pine Initiative
Shortleaf Success Story
Ron Myers, North Carolina Forest Service
Shortleaf Pine Restoration on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee
Wally Akins, Tennessee, Wildlife Resources Agency

3rd Biennial Shortleaf Pine Conference

Shortleaf Pine Genetic Resources-Supporting Restoration in the Southern Region
Robin Taylor, Manager of Beech Creek and Chilhowee Genetic Resource Management Areas, US Forest Service, US Forest Service
Underplanting Shortleaf Pine in the North Carolina Piedmont
David Schnake, Forest Manager, North Carolina Division of Agriculture & Consumer Sciences Research Stations Division
Shortleaf Pine Opportunities for Assistance
Tim Albritton, State Staff Forester, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Dendrochronology and Forest History
Dr. Henri Grissino-Mayer, Professor of Geography/ Associate Department Head, University of Tennessee
What is your Shortleaf Pine Story?
David Arnold, Assistant State Forester, Tennessee Division of Forestry
Shortleaf Pine Demonstration Areas
Dr. George Hernandez, Regional Regeneration Specialist, US Forest Service
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